30-Minute Workouts You Should Try At Home

30-Minute Workouts You Should Try At Home

Most people want to work out regularly to look and feel betterbut finding time to exercise every day is tough! However, moving your body and increasing your heart rate is vital to good health. In fact, the American Heart Association recommends 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week. This time can be split up in any way you want, and when spread out over a 5-day work week, it equals a recommended 30 minutes per day.

Quality Life Services offers physical therapy, which can include strength training and in-home exercise programs, depending on the individual’s specific requirements. Below, we cover the benefits of 30-minute workouts and why a little daily exercise can be the best investment for your health.

What Are The Benefits of Working Out?

You will start to see the effects of regular exercise when you work out daily for at least 30 minutes. Within two weeks of starting your workouts, you may feel more energetic and feel healthier in general.

After a month or two of working out for 30 minutes every day, you could feel more confident, have a better mood, sleep better, and have improved muscle tone and cardiovascular health. You may have shed some weight, and your clothing may now fit better. Muscle definition and tone will improve within three to four months. 

Types Of Workouts

Are 30-minute workouts the right length for a workout? It’s hard to say because your best workout depends on the type of exercise, the intensity, and many other factors. But, in terms of basic logistics, 30 minutes is a great workout length—it’s long enough that you’ll feel like you’ve worked up a sweat but short enough that you can do it on your lunch break.

The most popular high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and strength routines are between 20 and 40 minutes long. This makes 30 minutes a good length for a variety of workouts. If you’re looking for the best 30-minute workouts to do at home, you’re spoilt for choice! There are thousands of routines and classes on YouTube.

We scoured through just about every home workout on YouTube to find the ten best 30-minute workouts. These workouts are fun, easy to do, and suitable for people of all fitness levels. Most of these programs don’t require special equipment, but having a good yoga mat will make the experience comfortable. 

The Best 30-Minute Home Workouts

Workout 1: Best 30-minute low-impact workout with weights


Are you ready for a 30-minute, no-jumping, all-standing HIIT workout with weights?  This workout is simple to follow, low-impact, and apartment-friendly. You’ll burn calories and fat while also strengthening and toning your muscles.

Workout 2: Best 30-minute beach body workout


This Beach Body HIIT cardio workout requires no repetitions and no equipment. Since this workout video doesn’t include a warm-up, ensure you have warmed up before beginning. 

Workout 3: Best 30 min living room workout


This full-body weight-training session is suitable for those living in apartments or small spaces. It can also be done at home with household items or light dumbbells. Warm-up and cool-down periods are also included. As an added plus, there’s no jumping or noise involved.

Workout 4: Best 30-minute workout for bad knees


This high-intensity interval training session doesn’t include any squatting, lunging, or jumping but still manages to burn plenty of fat. This is to protect your knees.  If you have 30 minutes to spare, this workout is perfect for any time of day. Concentrate on your breathing while doing this workout. Continue to take deep breaths to help with your endurance.  

Workout 5: Best 30-minute intense workout


This workout will get your heart rate up, burn some calories, and sweat it out. The routine is 30 minutes long and includes 5 minutes of cool-down stretches.

Workout 6: Best 30-minute workout with no equipment


Nicole Steen is an expert in fitness and dance, and she makes sure that this 30-minute workout that doesn’t require any equipment works every muscle in your body. She does both toning moves and aerobic bursts while you’re standing, and then she brings you down to the mat for the second half of the workout. Expect to feel the burn from head to toe with this one. 

Workout 7: Best ab workout for 30 minutes


Watch Chris Heria as he demonstrates how to do a super-effective abdominal exercise in under 30 minutes with no equipment or weights to get you shredded and grow your 6-pack abs from anywhere.

Workout 8: Best 30-minute at-home workout


This full-body, low-impact cardiovascular workout helps reduce lower belly fat. The routine is appropriate for beginners and can be done regularly to improve your fitness level and tone your entire body. 

Workout 9: Best 30-minutes of stretching and mobility


You don’t have to push yourself to the absolute limit every session. Try this mobility workout if your body needs a rest day or some additional stretching. The gentle exercises will loosen up any stiffness and make you feel calm and centered.

Workout 10: Best 30-minute workout for seniors


Enjoy this 30-minute workout to help you perform better in your daily activities. This exercise can be done while standing or sitting. Choose the options that are best for your fitness level. All you’ll need is a chair and a couple of water bottles or light dumbbells.

Workout 11: Best 30-minute cardio workout for beginners


This at-home cardio workout comprises low-impact cardio routines that do not require jumping. It is ideal for beginners since it is gentle on your tendons and joints. The workout consists of two 15-minute sets with a brief water break.

Workout 12: Best 30-minute weight lifting workout


If you want to increase strength and muscle, improve endurance, and burn many calories, try this 30-minute full-body dumbbell session! This workout requires only a soft surface and a good set of dumbbells. 

This workout includes three sets of eight different exercises that all use the same movement patterns but in different ways. We recommend doing this workout at least 2-3 times per week for noticeable results, particularly if you want to gain strength and lose body fat. 

Workout 13: Best 30 min weight loss workout


If you only have a half-hour every day and want a decent and efficient workout to help you lose weight at home, this routine is for you!

This workout includes easy bodyweight exercises that don’t require much room or additional equipment.

Workout 14: Best 30 min workout for women over 50


This fat-burning, weight-loss-friendly 30-minute indoor stroll is ideal for beginners and ladies over 50. In this fast-paced indoor workout for all fitness levels, you’ll walk 2 miles, burn 340 calories, and walk 3,500 steps. This full-body workout is excellent for beginners, and you can do it regularly to get fitter, burn fat, and tone your whole body. 

Workout 15: Best FUN 30 min dance workout


This energetic workout is the ultimate disguise workout! Prepare to transform your living room into a dance floor and feel invigorated.

Physical Therapy Available in Southwest Ohio

The team at Quality Life Services can liaise with your physician to help you decide which exercise or strength training program is best suited for you or your loved ones. We also make house calls so that you can get top-quality physical therapy at home. 

If you’d like to obtain more information on our home health services, schedule an appointment or contact us at (513) 860-1481.