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Which Illnesses Can Infusion Therapy Help Treat?

Patients who are very sick may not be able to eat, let alone take medicine by mouth. Infusion therapy can solve this problem by giving treatment directly through a needle or catheter. Infusion therapy only used to be done in hospitals, but now it can be done at outpatient infusion therapy clinics or even in […]

30-Minute Workouts You Should Try At Home

Most people want to work out regularly to look and feel better—but finding time to exercise every day is tough! However, moving your body and increasing your heart rate is vital to good health. In fact, the American Heart Association recommends 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week. This time can be split up in […]

Aural Rehabilitation for Adults: Purpose, Types & Components

According to the CDC, hearing loss affected around 48 million Americans between 2001-2008. Even though hearing impairments are linked to aging, more than half of all individuals with hearing loss are under the age of 65. Loud sounds, ear infections, ear trauma, ear disease, illness and disease, certain medications, and, of course, the aging process […]

Colostomy Bag: 9 Important Tips to Prevent Leaks

Leaking ostomy bags can be a nightmare for anyone with a colostomy, urostomy, or ileostomy. A leaky ostomy pouch means you’ll have to repeatedly change the bag and wash clothing or bedding, whether at night or during the day. There’s nothing worse than having to quickly dash somewhere to find somewhere to hide if your […]

The Benefits Of Monitoring Your Diet

According to a recent study in the Journal Obesity, monitoring your food consumption is one of the most effective strategies to lose weight. But losing weight isn’t the only advantage of keeping tabs on your daily food consumption. So, are there any benefits to tracking your food intake? Yes, there certainly are! Measuring your eating […]

10 ways to speed up the healing process after surgery

If surgery is on the horizon, you may be curious about how you can recover quicker. Although your desire to “get up and running”  seems necessary, the quality of your recovery is of the utmost importance. At Quality Life Services Home Health, we provide pre-and post-surgical recovery services to seven local counties in Southwest Ohio. […]

How do you care for a person with an Ostomy?

Understanding the effects of ostomy surgery and supporting the patient are essential parts of the recovery process. You may already be familiar with the fundamentals of an ostomy, but do you know how to care for someone with an ostomy? New ostomates experience a wide range of emotions. It is crucial to recognize that physical […]

What Are Some Examples of Speech Therapy?

Speech therapy is a type of physical therapy that evaluates and addresses speech disorders, communication issues and swallowing problems. Although speech therapy is mostly recommended for children who have speech and communication challenges, it has also been proven useful for adults who have suffered a brain injury and must relearn how to talk and eat. […]